Discover Nature and Science

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”
—Albert Einstein

Come take a look at California. Not just any look, but a deeper look, and you will discover how connected our world really is. Randall Museum exhibits highlight similarities and differences, causes and effects and how it all comes together in nature and science. The animal room showcases four diverse habitats in the Bay Area and hosts live animals that live there. Then, take a sound-filled walk down through the Redwoods to the depths of the Ocean. While submerged in the lower level, discover how many ways the rocks and minerals beneath our feet shape habitats and our own lives in the exhibit, “Foundations.” Visitors will emerge from the basement through “Riding the Rails,” an expansive model train layout and interactive play space on how trains and humans shaped the West.

Temporary Exhibit

RePurposeful, The Art of Collage And Assemblage

Opening October 2, 2021

The Randall Museum is proud to partner with SCRAP to present RePurposeful, The Art of Collage and Assemblage, an exciting new exhibition of artworks from Bay Area artists. RePurposeful will showcase artwork that brings diverse materials together to create something new, better, more beautiful, and more purposeful.

After 18 months of social isolation, SCRAP and the Randall Museum are re-engaging with our local communities and exploring how cooperation has the power to effect change. RePurposeful, a juried exhibition of over 40 original collage and assemblage works by Bay Area artists, will inspire new ideas and approaches to sustainability. Join us as we reopen our museum and our minds to new and creative ways of reusing materials.

Designed for visitors of all ages, this new exhibition explores how cooperation has the power to effect change.  Visitors will be able to view the artworks and have the opportunity to try out simple collage and assemblage techniques at hands-on creation stations.

Participating Artists
Vicki Assegued, Jessalyn Aaland, Ray Beldner, Andrea Bergen, Marie Bergstedt, Anna-Lena Beurekens, Cynthia Brannvall, Felipe Colina, Aiko Cuneo, Rachel Dean, Bibby Gignilliat, Rea Lynn de Guzman, Susan Doyle, Matt Gonzalez, Kristie Hansen, Robert Haemmerling, Whitney Humphreys, Allison Hughes, Clint Imboden, Michael Kerbow, Barbara Kibbe, Mary Anne Kluth, Paul Lanier, Zwia Lipkin, Abel Manalo, Erin McClusky Wheeler, Adia Millett, Kara Nelson, Mariana Nelson, Mitsu Okubo, Catie O’Leary, Erik Parra, Dianne Platner, William Rhodes, Anna-Lena Sauer, Maureen Shields, Kim Smith, Tom Steele, Lorna Stevens, Julien Tomasello, Michael Tunk, Hannah Waiters, Leigh Wells.


Our Animals

Inside the Animal Exhibit you will be visiting several of California’s diverse habitats. From rich riverlands to sparse, dry deserts to towering redwoods each habitat has it’s unique set of animals and plants that are especially adapted to living in these distinct places. We invite you to look deeply into nature by watching the animals in an intimate setting, enjoying our study station activities, and conversing with our animal keepers. We hope that by learning about California’s wildlife and flora you’ll be inspired to visit these places yourself.


We live in earthquake country. Other people live with tornadoes, lightning, avalanches, or hurricanes. In the Bay Area, earthquakes happen every day – but most are small and only a seismograph can detect them. Learn more about the earth beneath us in this exhibit.




Check out our Ocean exhibit located inside the Animal Exhibit and find out how much you do by playing our “How will you help the Ocean” game. Learn how we can all preserve our most precious resource. Anemones, sea stars, crabs and urchins are all affected by how we humans live our lives. Discover the many simple changes we can make in our everyday lives to stop polluting and start preserving the ocean and its inhabitants.

Toddler Tree House

Come and enjoy this play and learning space for our youngest visitors. The Tree House has a safe and fun carpeted climbing structure, plus age-appropriate books and toys. The Tree House is open for drop-in play Tuesday through Saturday, and from 10 am to 5 pm.


Riding the Rails

Visit Riding the Rails, featuring the Museum’s scale model of a caboose and model train exhibit. Come climb on the caboose and pretend to be riding the rails, or guide model trains on railroad tracks around models of San Francisco landmark buildings in the urban rail exhibit. While visiting the exhibit, explore a relief passenger car with interactive panels about the Transcontinental Railway. Riding the Rails will be on permanent display in the lobby entrance of the Golden Gate Model Railroad.

Public Art

Art Commission Installations

Randall Museum is host to two kinetic sculptures, Flight and Windswept. The two major art pieces represent the mission of Randall Museum as a place of exploration and connectivity with nature through innovative creativity. Both pieces also represent San Francisco’s initiative to prioritize public art throughout our community.

Collector’s Corner

The art of collecting reveals the beauty of diversity. Specimen collection can range from a hobby or a profession. No matter the degree by which you collect examples of your favorite items, methods and ethics of collecting have changed greatly over time. Responsible collecting practice makes sure that the activity of gathering specimens does not have a negative effect on the environment, habitat or species as a whole.

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