Collector’s Corner

Collector's Corner Exhibit

Collecting things is a human passion and a personal endeavor. Art pieces, coins, baseball cards, and even bottle caps are can all be considered types of collections. The art of collecting can highlight striking diversity, similarities and patterns. The design of collections is entirely up to the individual collector. That’s what makes collecting things so personal.

Scientific collecting of insects, birds, fossils, shells and other natural materials are critical to understanding our natural world. Scientific collections can reveal the story of change over time. However, today, ethics and laws have changed for biological collections to insure that habitats and animals are protected from over-collecting.

The Randall Museum has been a recipient of many people’s collections over our fifty plus years. In honor of our many collectors- sometimes anonymous people, sometimes well known– we are dedicating our Collector’s Corner to their personal endeavors.

Come discover the art of collecting and perhaps be inspired to become a collector of something yourself!

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