Foundations Geology Exhibit

Foundations, the newest geology exhibit, now resides in a newly opened area of Randall Museum!

Over time California geologic formations created the landscape we know today, from wild habitats to our urban city. Residents of the Bay Area are no strangers to the earthquakes that dictate how we build new homes and require certain precautions. Additionally, local rocks and minerals are the key building blocks for products we use every day. Local geology has such an affect on our daily lives that this exhibit is called “Foundations.”

Throughout the exhibit visitors will learn about the different types of geological materials under many locations around the city, especially the immense amount of unseen sand below our feet. A live seismometer monitors the motions of our local fault systems and displays historical data; LEGO© shake tables demonstrate the basics of building on shifting ground; and a fun interactive rock combination game allows visitors to discover the mineral ingredients that make up many products we use every day.

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