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The Randall is perched almost on top of the Corona Heights hill, offering majestic views of San Francisco, the bay and East Bay cities! There is plenty of open space to have an outside lunch or go for a hike. Don’t forget about the States Street playground just below the museum for afternoon activities.

Science Field Trips

Science Field Trips are an in-depth exploration of a simple science topic for grades 1-5. Look below at our class description to find the right trip for your students. Science Field Trips are specifically designed to follow Next Generation Science Standards.

Science Field Trip registrations: click the Register button and you will be taken to Eventbrite where you can select a date and purchase tickets.

10:15 Tuesday – Friday
90 minutes
Max 30 Students
(Allow additional time to visit the Museum’s live animal exhibit)

Air and Wind - Grades 1 - 3

We are surrounded by Earth’s atmosphere, an amazing mixture of gases that sustains life on our planet. By participating in exploration activities, students learn how different properties of air are used in various real-world applications. Students also learn what forces drive winds that sweep through our lives and create weather systems.

Bay Area Geology - Grades 3 - 8

Students begin their exploration by constructing the Earth’s geologic history that begins at Earth’s formation, 4.6 Billion years ago. The class also uses the museum’s rock and mineral collection to identify distinguishing properties of different rocks. Topping off this field trip is an instructor-led hike through stunning geologic features that are unique to Corona Heights, home to the Randall Museum.

Before San Francisco - Grades 3 - 4

Before the California gold rush, the area that we now know as San Francisco looked very different! In this class, students will view historical images that depict San Francisco’s evolution and will be able to try out some activities from this time period like grinding corn, roping cattle, working leather and playing games!

Creepy Crawlies - Grades K - 5

Insects have developed amazing and unique adaptations to thrive in their own ecosystems. While they may seem “creepy” and foreign to us they actually have a great impact on our world. Through physical contact and observation of some the Randall’s live insect collections, students will develop a heightened understanding and deeper respect for insects.

Earthquake! - Grades 3 - 8

Many earthquakes have rocked the San Francisco Bay Area. Through the museum’s collection of historical photographs and artifacts, students learn details why the 1906 earthquake was so damaging. Viewing seismographs of recent “Big Ones” and simulating their own earthquakes at our shake tables, students will develop a deeper understanding of the implications of earthquakes and how they can prepare for them.

Electricity and Magnetism - Grades 2 - 4

Electricity and magnetism are two different, but closely related, natural forces in our world. Through hands-on exploration, students learn the basic properties of electricity and magnetism by pulling electrons off each other, creating circuits that control the flow of electricity, magnetically testing familiar objects and more.

Green and Growing - Grades K - 3

Students learn that every object they use in daily life is either a plant or is produced from plants. Green and Growing encourages students to understand their own roles in ecological systems including being consumers, producers and good stewards of our environment.

Sound Exploration - Grades 2 - 4

How is sound created and how do we hear sounds? Students will explore through a variety of hands-on activities, about wave styles, vibrations that cause sounds, resonance, how the human ear works and how sound becomes music. Students will be able to play a variety of musical instruments!

Water - Grades 3 - 5

Water is the basis of life on Earth. In this class students will experiment with the unique qualities of water. Flow, surface tension, capillary action, buoyancy are some of the topics that are covered. Students also gain an appreciation of the limited amount of water on Earth and how water cycles through the earth and atmosphere.

Science Field Trip registrations:

  • Click the session registration button below to begin the registration process. This will bring you to our ticketing provider Evenbrite
  • Select a date and continue to purchase tickets.
  • During checkout you will be able to select a field trip type such as “Air and Wind”

Animal Presentations

Get an up-close introduction to some of our live animals in one of our themed 45 minute Animal Presentations. This program is geared for grades K-3 and groups of up to 25.

  • Animal Senses – Learn how animals use many of the same senses we do but in very different ways
  • Animal Habitats – Learn about where animals make their homes and why
  • Nocturnal Animals – Learn what it takes for animals to spend their waking hours in the night time
  • Predator & Prey – Learn about different animals’ places in the food web

2020 Winter/Spring Animal Presentations

Self-Guided Tours

Visit The Randall at your own pace with your students or your group. Tour the changing exhibits and the Live Animal Exhibits. Interact with geology in our new Foundations exhibit, and view the fabulous model train layout. Download a Scavenger Hunt and talk with the animal keepers and picnic lunch on the grounds.

  • Groups of 11 persons or more must register. Registration fee is $15.00 for the whole group.
  • Groups of 10 or less are free and do not need to register.
  • During the summer, camp groups of 50 people or fewer pay a registration fee of $50

Exhibit Guides

Field Trips

Click on the science field trip title of your choice to download preparatory questions for your students.

Teacher Resources

And Download a teacher evaluation to help us shape and refine our science programs for San Francisco children

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