Food for Thought: Small Choices Big Changes

Food for Thought:
Small Choices Big Changes

You are part of the food cycle. The decisions you make about food—what to grow, what to buy, how to dispose of our food waste—impacts your own health and the health of our planet. The global effects of the food industry have had an overwhelming impact, BUT many individuals making simple personal habit changes can make a HUGE difference.

Food for Thought presents fun solutions to these issues that all of us can practice through small choices. Immerse yourself in the joy of produce from local food growers. Discover how to choose meals that benefit you and the Earth. Grow your ability to raise delicious plants at home. Understand new ways to reduce food waste and take part in keeping plastic out of ocean habitats.

Eating Well for You & Planet Earth

The food you choose to buy and eat has a direct impact on your body and also our planet. Enter the lobby market for a multi-sensory, interactive experience where you learn about diverse food options, spicing up your meals, and how your food shopping can affect your local community.

Zero Food Waste

All the food waste that goes into the landfill is the third largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions! Learn tips and tricks on reducing the food you dispose of through games and other interactives.

Grow Your Meals

Tour the living greenhouse to discover amazing things about compost and how you can easily grow delicious food at home in small spaces!

Oceans of Plastic

The plastic packaging holding the food you buy is filling our oceans! Offer tips on how to reduce your plastic waste, play games and marvel at ocean art made of plastic.

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