Virtual Animal Field Trips

Beginning September 13, 2021, the Randall Museum is again offering virtual animal programs for teachers!

Due to the popularity of our Virtual Field Trips featuring the Randall Museum Animal Exhibit — Wild in California —  Monday and Tuesday are Virtual Days!  We continue to offer your students up close and personal virtual Live Animal events with a live instructor via Zoom. Join us for a 10:00am class or an 11:00am class. Each program offers an art/science hands-on activity for students!

Eight Field Trips are Just a Click Away.

New this year:

  • Virtual Field trips are available Monday and Tuesday at either 10am or 11am
  • Onsite Field trips are available Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, at either 10:15am or 11:15am
Questions? Contact Science Coordinator Nancy Ellis at

How to Book Your Virtual Field Trip 2021-2022

Field Trips are registered through the Eventbrite website

  1. Choose your Animal Field Trip session: click on 10:00am or 11:00am session to begin the registration process
  2. Select a Date (at least 72 hours prior to when you want your program)
  3. Choose your Ticket Type:
    • Animal Senses – Let’s See, Touch, Taste, Smell and Hear: How do animals use their senses?
    • Animal Habitats – Why do animals live where they do?
    • Nocturnal Animals – Let’s meet some animals that like the dark nighttime!
    • Predator and Prey – Who eats Whom?
    • Reptile Nation – Snakes, Turtles and Lizards, oh my!
    • Just Birds – Beaks and feet can tell us many things about birds. Let’s find out!
    • Ocean Animals – Meet interesting animals that you might not think are animals at all!
    • Creepy Crawlies –Let’s explore the amazing variety of insects and how they make our world better.
  4. Once you register, you will receive an email from the science team with your Zoom link and the list of what your students need to participate. This link can be then be sent to each of your students.

Teacher Resources

Download an animal exhibit scavenger hunt worksheet you can print out and duplicate to enhance your group’s experience.

Download a teacher evaluation to help us shape and refine our science programs for San Francisco children

10:00 am Virtual Field Trip

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11:00am Virtual Field Trip

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