Teen Animal Care Program

Are you passionate about wildlife? Do you wish to gain experience working with live, rescued animals? Want to learn all about the different species that call California home? The Randall Museum’s Teen Animal Exhibit Volunteer position might just be the perfect job for you! 

“My memories will always be light when I remember all the ways that the Randall helped me grow up to be ready now for college. All those Saturdays spent in the Animal Room were my favorite days of the week!”

Become and Animal Exhibit Volunteer

The Randall Museum offers the opportunity for youth to volunteer in our living animal exhibit, Wild in California. Ranging from daily animal husbandry tasks to public interactions, individuals within the age of 12-18 may gain experience working with native wildlife. Tasks include animal enclosure cleaning, diet preparation, animal enrichment activities, and interacting with the museum guests.
In order to become a volunteer, you must first apply and complete an application.
Applications will be accepted beginning November 1st, with training starting mid-December. Volunteer duration will last 1 year starting January.

For more information or to begin your rewarding career as a Randall Museum Docent contact:

Zach Lim
(415) 554-9600

Please note that not all applicants may be accepted due to overwhelming volume.

“I enjoyed spending time with the animals and all the people who work there. It was always a great way to end the school week.”

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