The Randall Museum Welcomes an Orphaned Raccoon

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Genevieve Antaky, Randall Museum Friends
Public Info: 415-554-9600

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (SAN FRANCISCO, July 21, 2013) – The Randall Museum, a facility of the San Francisco Recreation & Park Department, is pleased to announce that an orphaned raccoon has found a safe haven in the Randall Museum’s Live Animal Exhibit, joining more than 100 animals that can no longer survive in the wild.

The wild raccoon was orphaned last spring with two other siblings. The mother raccoon was killed and the kits were taken to Pacific Wildlife Care (PWC) Rehabilitation Center in Morro Bay. His siblings died within a few days of their arrival. To prepare him for release back into the wild with the best chance for survival, the Pacific Wildlife Care staff put him with two other orphaned sister raccoons and all three were raised to fear people and be wary of human contact. The three raccoons were released together but within a week the male was found with multiple injuries. His back was severely torn up, his tail sustained major bites and a portion of it needed to be amputated. The Pacific Wildlife Care Rehabilitation Center took him back in and helped with his recovery.

“During his recovery the staff at PWC realized he was just too sweet to fend for himself,” explained Nancy Ellis, Randall Museum’s Animal Exhibit Coordinator, “and they started looking for permanent placement. We’re happy they found us at the Randall Museum.”

Raccoons are known to be very intelligent quick learners. This ability enables them to be successful in outdoor urban environments but can also cause boredom in captivity. The staff at the Randall Museum provides habitat enrichment for the new raccoon everyday by introducing food packages that he has to scavenge for and then unwrap. Sometimes boxes are put inside of boxes inside of boxes for him to open and explore. There are also climbing branches to keep him fit.

“The visitors love him. He is very connected to seeing people, probably due to the fact that he always wants food,” added Ellis. “He never seems to sleep during the day and he is constantly climbing around the tree branches in the cage. He is a wonderful addition to the Live Animal Exhibit and it’s wonderful to see how he is adding to the experience of our Museum visitors.”

The Randall Museum is located at 199 Museum Way in San Francisco, and open to the public from 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., Tuesday – Saturday. There is no admission fee; donations are encouraged. The Live Animal Exhibit is open during regular museum hours and the animals are fed at noon. “Meet the Animals’” live animal presentations are held most Saturday at 11am. For further information about the Randall Museum the public may call (415) 544-9600 or visit the Museum’s web site at

About the Randall Museum & the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department:

The Randall Museum, located at 199 Museum Way at Corona Heights Park, is owned and operated by San Francisco’s Recreation and Park Department with a mission to inspire creativity, curiosity, and a love of learning about the world around us. In fulfillment of this mission, the Museum offers an integrated program of arts and sciences to children, youth and adults through opportunities for hands-on learning and recreation, focusing on the cultures and environment of the San Francisco Bay Area. For more information about the Randall Museum the public may call 415-554-9600 or visit

The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department’s Mission is to provide enriching recreational activities, maintain beautiful parks and preserve the environment for the well-being of our diverse community. For more information about SF Rec and Park please visit


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