Director’s Update – Spring 2020

by | Jan 28, 2020 | Blog, Director's Update

Our location, atop a hill in a 17-acre park, has always been an asset.

The vistas of the city and the bay are spectacular. They are an attraction all by themselves and give us a front row seat on the changes taking place in the city skyline.

The changes to our city have gone much deeper than just architecture. We have also witnessed the increasing lack of affordable housing and the increasing disparity in income levels between those who have found a place in the digital economy and those who struggle to meet the rising cost of living here.

Beginning with our always free admission, accessibility has been part of the Randall Museum ethos. And, because the Randall is part of the Recreation and Parks Department, visitors of modest means can have access scholarships that reduce the class fees by half or can even make them entirely free. Even more, scholarships have grown with contributions from the Randall Friends from $10K to $50K annually. We have never turned anyone away for the lack of the ability to pay for a program.

We know however, that our location is a challenge for those who rely solely on public transportation to reach our doorstep.

So, starting last year with a generous grant from the Google Corporation, we began a pilot Saturday shuttle program to bring visitors to the Randall from recreation centers throughout the city. The grant will also pay to outfit a new van to take our programs to underserved neighborhoods.

And now, a grant from Mayor London Breed’s Office means we can offer programs for free at six public housing sites throughout the city.

Even though the root causes of income inequality are complex, I am happy that we can take an active role in helping to make the city more liveable.


Chris Boettcher

Chris Boettcher

Randall Museum Director

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