Black Lives Matter & The Randall Museum’s Work

by | Jun 5, 2020 | Blog

Black Lives Matter

The Randall Museum Friends, the non-profit organization that supports the Randall Museum in San Francisco, condemns the police brutality that led to the murder of George Floyd and many other people of color. We stand with everyone who has spoken out against racism, prejudice and injustice.

We know that institutionalized racism has roots extending to the childhood years, so what is our responsibility as a children’s museum? How can we combat the racial inequities for the communities which we serve?

The Randall Museum’s Work

Making the world a better place can only happen when everyone has access to resources, everyone feels included, and everyone feels safe. Randall Museum Friends remains actively committed to making both the museum and its programs accessible to everyone. And while we feel that engagement with Randall programs and values will ultimately have a positive impact on society as a whole, we also understand that at times like these, we need to speak up and support more direct actions being taken to deal with such serious issues.

There is much left to do. Our commitment as a board is that we will continue to engage in these critical conversations. Randall Museum Friends will continue to support and encourage values and actions that will help make the world a safer and more inclusive place.

Wishing you health and healing during these challenging times.

Randall Museum Friends

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