Animal Docents

Are you passionate about native wildlife? Do you enjoy interpretation of natural history? The Randall Museum’s Wild in California live animal exhibit offers a chance for adults to engage with both animal ambassadors and our guests of all ages!
Every year, thousands of people visit the Randall Museum and learn about California’s native wildlife through our rescue ambassador animals. From snakes to Swainson’s hawks, and western pond turtles to weasels, guests are offered the opportunity to observe our state’s spectacular fauna.
Volunteer docents make this experience possible! Working directly with our experienced exhibit curators, volunteers will be able to learn about the natural history of our animals, proper ambassador animal handling, and interpretive techniques.

How to Become an Animal Docent

For more information or to begin your rewarding career as a Randall Museum Docent contact:

Zach Lim
(415) 554-9600

“I’ve loved every minute of docenting at the Randall and I’ve been there for 12 years now! The staff is tremendous and the animals are a joy. Watching children’s eyes light up when they are brave enough to touch a snake is so rewarding.”

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