The Randall Museum
is owned and operated
by the San Francisco
Recreation and Park Department

Philip A. Ginsburg,
General Manager

Drop-In Science

Drop-In Science sessions at 10:30 each Saturday explore basic science concepts that surround us in our amazing world. Hands-on, interactive activities connect young scientists to these concepts while allowing them to take home the results of their work.  $4/child. Children 7 & under must be accompanied by an adult.  

June 21 - Today marks the beginning of the summer solstice. Learn how to take advantage of the more direct sun rays to cook food in solar ovens.

June 28 - Jump into science by learning about frog anatomy! Make origami frogs and experiment with how to make them leap the farthest.

July 5 - We are the Randall Museum and we speak for the trees! By building a tree model, learn about trees' unique role in thriving habitats.

July 12 - Assemble your own medieval machinery by creating a catapult to understand basic energy principles.

July 19 - Summer time in San Francisco is full of flowering plants that bring out the bees. Learn about pollination and bee anatomy with a spinning bee buzzer.

July 26 - Let's go fly a kite! Learn the basics of kite design by building a kite that you can easily use to ride the winds.

August 2 - Participate in a fun and surprising chemistry experiment that uses household chemicals to create an awesome reaction! The "Iodine TimeClock" is easily repeated and will be sure to astound you and your friends.

August 9 - Corona Heights is alive with the sound of music! Explore the dance between science and art through musical expression by making a harmonica!

August 16 - Get to know your Fine Feathered Friends by participating in a bird walk hosted by the Randall Museum's famous birder, Dominik Mosur.

August 23 - One of the many types of animals the Randall Museum cares for are the creepy, crawly insects. Come get to know insect anatomy and function through interaction with our live specimens!

August 30 - Science is TOPS! Make your own wobbly drawing top while understanding spinning physics.

September 6 - Discover how chemical reactions create energy while making a simple LED flashlight powered by a battery made from pennies!

September 13 - No Drop-in Science. Party For The Parks!

September 20 - You don't have to be a rocket scientist to participate in Saturday Science, but you can start on your way by coming to build your own high-flying rocket!

September 27 - Corona Heights is a unique geologic formation that gives clues to the region's ancient history. Participate on a geology hike to become an Earth Sleuth!


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